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Cosmetic Dentistry Sunnyvale, CA

An aesthetically pleasing smile is actually easier to attain than you think. Cosmetic dentistry makes it possible to correct almost any imperfections with your teeth. If you want an unforgettable smile, Dr. Ken Schweifler offers many cosmetic treatments. As an experienced cosmetic dentist in Los Altos, CA, he can improve the appearance and health of your teeth.

Dr. Schweifler has completed many hours of continuing education to make him qualified to transform smiles. He is currently welcoming patients from surrounding areas including Sunnyvale, CA who are seeking top of the line cosmetic dentistry treatments. After a consultation and examination, Dr. Schweifler can come up with a smile makeover plan that will help you attain your cosmetic goals.

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Cosmetic Dentistry Sunnyvale, CA

The cosmetic dentistry treatments offered Dr. Schweifler are both highly effective and affordable. As a talented cosmetic dentist, he can straighten crooked teeth, whiten stained or discolored teeth and change the shape of teeth that are crooked and uneven. He wants every patient to have confidence in their smile and be proud of their overall appearance. The treatments we offer to correct almost any cosmetic imperfection include:

Teeth Whitening: Professional teeth whitening will deliver even results compared to store bought whitening kits. Dull, stained, yellow teeth can benefit from a whitening treatment to deliver a boost in appearance. Dr. Schweifler offers professional teeth whitening kits so that patients can attain a brighter smile at home in just a few weeks.

Invisalign: Dr. Schweifler is an Invisalign® provider to patients from Sunnyvale, CA. This clear aligner system can help patients with mild to moderate orthodontic issues attain straighter teeth. It works by switching out clear aligners weekly to slowly align the teeth. There are no metal braces involved and they can be removed for a few hours a day allowing you to eat and brush your teeth.

Porcelain Veneers: The teeth veneers offered by Dr. Schweifler are custom, high-quality ceramic restorations that can transform a patient’s smile and overall appearance. Veneers are thin shells that are bonded to the front of a prepared tooth to disguise most imperfections.

Porcelain Dental Crowns: Not many people realize dental crowns can be used for cosmetic dentistry purposes. A dental crown made from porcelain can correct a misshapen or discolored tooth. A tooth crown will encase the entire tooth, completely hiding the imperfections.

White Dental Fillings: Silver fillings can definitely alter the appearance of your smile. Dr. Schweifler uses tooth-colored filling that will match the rest of your natural teeth. In using these, you get a more aesthetically pleasing smile that is also guarded against decay.

Schedule Your Smile Makeover Consultation

If you are ready to invest in the appearance of your smile, Dr. Schweifler is a talented and highly experienced cosmetic dentist that offers many smile enhancement treatments. To begin the process, schedule an appointment at his dentist office near Sunnyvale, CA. During your consultation, he will offer you the appropriate treatments that will transform your teeth and your smile. Call today at (650) 489-4620 or you can schedule your appointment online.