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Custom Mouthguard Los Altos, CA

A custom mouthguard can be made to protect tooth structures from a variety of sources of trauma and damage. Dr. Ken Schweifler provides custom mouthguards to the public as a dental service. He can work with you to create a custom-fitted mouthguard for your tooth protection needs in our Los Altos dentist office. Mouthguards can be worn for a variety of reasons:

  • Sports mouthguards: Dr. Schweifler highly recommends that active patients of all ages who participate in contact sports wear a sports mouthguard. Designed to protect the teeth and gums from trauma, a custom sports mouthguard can be made for you using your unique dental impressions. This offers a superior fit and protection when compared to over-the-counter options readily available. We offer custom sports mouthguards for children and adults and require a brief visit for impressions to be taken.
  • Teeth grinding: a mouthguard or nightguard may be recommended to prevent damage from teeth grinding and jaw clenching. Patients with teeth that are flat, worn, chipped, or cracked may be grinding their teeth during sleep or when stressed. Dr. Schweifler has advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ disorders and bite problems, common causes of teeth grinding. A mouthguard can be designed to help the jaw relax into a natural position to minimize muscle tension. The guard also protects the teeth surfaces from possible damage from teeth grinding and clenching.

If you or your child plays a contact sport or you think you may be grinding your teeth, schedule a visit with Dr. Schweifler. Our team will work with you to evaluate your needs and address them with personalized dental care. Repair tooth damage, align an uneven bite, and use a mouthguard to keep your smile looking its best.

Mouthguards FAQs

Why shouldn’t I just buy a boil-and-bite mouthguard from the store?

A mouthguard made from a dentist office will provide much better protection for your teeth compared to a store-bought one. A custom-made sports mouthguard is made from impressions of your teeth and will therefore fit perfectly in your mouth. They also provide more cushion upon impact reducing the amount of trauma to your teeth and mouth.

Will a mouthguard cure my teeth grinding?

No, a mouthguard will simply provide protection for your teeth at night. They are necessary to use nightly until you can learn the reason you grind your teeth and can figure out a way to stop it.

I wear braces. Can I get a custom mouthguard made?

Yes! In fact, people who wear braces or have dental restorations are encouraged to wear custom-made mouthguards. If your braces or restoration become damaged, it will be very expensive to fix. Also, braces have been known to cause severe lacerations in the mouth. Wearing a mouthpiece when you have braces is extremely important if you participate in contact sports or suffer from teeth grinding.