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Porcelain Veneers Los Altos, CA

Transform your smile with porcelain veneers in Los Altos, CA

Smiling confidently is a feeling we believe every patient should experience. Embarrassment about the color, shape, or overall aesthetic of your natural smile can cause a shift in your confidence, and may even contribute to the way you interact with others.

Advancements in modern dentistry have afforded many patients the opportunity to undergo treatments that not only improve the health of their smile but their appearance as well. One of the most performed and effective cosmetic dentistry solution for cosmetic concerns is the porcelain veneer.

affordable porcelain veneers in Los Altos, California

Porcelain veneers uniquely meet the needs of each patient. Your dentist permanently bonds the thin porcelain shells to the front and sides of the teeth. He will shape and color-match the veneers to repair the teeth.

Dr. Ken Schweifler has undergone advanced training in cosmetic dentistry and provides each patient with personalized dental care. Depending on your needs, we may recommend porcelain veneers for patients who want to address these key dental concerns:

  • Stained or discolored teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Irregularly shaped teeth
  • Damaged teeth
  • Teeth that are impervious to teeth whitening

Visit Dr. Schweifler and our team at our Los Altos, CA dentist office for a cosmetic consultation. We can explore your treatment options and recommend the best solutions for your smile. Before we preform any cosmetic treatment, we work with you to evaluate the condition of your teeth. It is essential to address any underlying dental concerns before focusing on the aesthetics of the smile. We are a dental practice that focuses on your overall wellness, dental education, and disease prevention.

What To Expect During The Porcelain Veneer Process

The key to creating a beautiful, long-lasting smile is to create a personalized treatment plan. First, Dr. Schweifler will discuss your goals, examine the appearance of your entire smile, and make recommendations based on your needs. Our goal is to offer patients the most effective treatment for their smiles. Whether that requires a more conservative, inexpensive approach to treatment or a more advanced and elaborate approach, we will help you reach your desired look.

Then, we will use state-of-the-art dental tools and software to plan and craft your porcelain veneers. Smile Design technology allows patients to preview their smiles before we preform any treatment. We take digital images and videos of the teeth and surrounding structure to create digital and wax models of your teeth. During this process, patients become active partners in their own smile design journey. The wax model allows patients the opportunity to “try on” their new smile before proceeding to the final restoration stage.

Once your dentist achieves your desired look, and you approve the design, Dr. Schweifler will plan your treatment. He works closely with local master ceramists and technicians to help build high-quality restorations.

After the fabrication of your veneers, Dr. Schweifler will carefully bond each veneer to the surfaces of the affected teeth. He will polish each veneer to create a natural-looking finish. Specially crafted porcelain veneers can last many years with proper care and maintenance. It is important to follow a proper oral hygiene routine and schedule regular visits to the dentist’s office. Finally, you will achieve your ideal smile with patient-centered, high-quality dentistry at our office.

Porcelain Veneers FAQs

Are porcelain veneers easy to take care of?

Yes. There is no special care and attention that you have to give to your porcelain veneers. As long as you are brush your teeth regularly, flossing, and using mouthwash, they can last for up to 15 years. Your dentist will determine if you need touch-ups or repairs at your routine dental exams.

Will my dental insurance cover porcelain veneers?

The answer depends in the purpose of getting porcelain veneers, as well as your dental plan. It is not common for dental insurance carriers to cover the cost of dental veneers if used strictly for cosmetic purposes. For example, if you are covering a discolored tooth. Although, your dental carrier may cover the cost if used for restorative purposes, such as to repair a chipped tooth. Contact your dental insurance for specifics.

Do porcelain veneers stain like normal teeth?

No. Porcelain veneers are made of a highly stain-resistant material that lasts a very long time without staining. You could have a perfect smile with veneers if you have an excellent oral health routine, floss regularly, use mouthwash, and visit the dentist at least twice a year.