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Health Centered Dentistry Los Altos CA

What is Health Centered Dentistry?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by continual recommendations from your dentist for treatment and a sense that you’re in a constant state of disrepair? Traditional dentistry reacts to the presence of disease and aims to control it. It focuses on repair and treating symptoms and effects of disease, but does not concentrate on prevention and achieving health.

health centered dentistry in los altos ca
In a Disease Control Model, the relationship between dentist and patient is codependent: patients rely on dentists to “fix” their problems and dentists rely on patients to keep having those problems to fix. In this model, patients are encouraged to be passive, not actively involved in their own health decision-making, and instead, the responsibility is that of the dental office to control the disease.

Dentists are encouraged to grow large practices where they do minimal treatment on a large number of patients and meaningful, lasting relationships centered on mutual trust and open communication are not prioritized. Dr. Schweifler and his team are committed to partnering with their patients to achieve HEALTH, not just control the disease.

In a Health-Promoting Model, the relationship between dentist and patient is interdependent: patients seek and gain education from their dentists and become active participants in achieving health. In this system, patients set their own goals for achieving health and the dentist helps them become as healthy as they choose to be.

Why Choose Dr. Schweifler?

We believe that gum disease and dental decay are nearly 100% preventable with healthy maintenance and nutrition by the patient. We believe patients would prefer NO DENTISTRY. We believe patients would prefer freedom from the dentist and more time and money to avail of other life pursuits. A health-centered approach only works when the dentist, is able to nurture a patient’s sense of responsibility so they can become independently healthy.

We believe this shift from traditional “Disease Control” dentistry to “Health Centered” dentistry, whether you’re seeking a family dentist, restorative/implant dentist, or cosmetic dentist is a unique approach in Los Altos and its surrounding communities.