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Restorative Dentistry Los Altos, CA

Restorative dental treatments can be an important part of the lifetime maintenance of your smile. Dr. Ken Schweifler is a highly trained restorative dentist in Los Altos, CA with the experience necessary to deliver results that are comfortable and lasting. Restorative dental care can address tooth damage and tooth loss, enabling you to get back to smiling again with confidence.

Dr. Ken Schweifler Offers The Following Restorative Dentistry Services:

What Are the Benefits of Restorative Dentistry?

Teeth that are damaged or missing can impact more than just the aesthetics of your smile. Complex dental problems like these can have a progressive, deteriorating effect on your oral health and also increase your risk for other diseases and health concerns. Dr. Schweifler works with patients who have restorative needs on an individual basis, taking the time to fully evaluate all aspects of your dental health so that your treatment plan addresses the underlying cause and not just the symptoms.

Restorative Dentistry FAQs

What does restorative dentistry entail?

General dentistry is geared towards preventing common dental issues and cosmetic dentistry is utilized to improve the appearance of your smile. Restorative dentistry on the other hand is used to fix major tooth damage, replace missing teeth, treat painful TMJ issues and treat gum disease. In essence, restorative dentistry focuses on correcting the functional problems you have with your teeth.

I have missing teeth. What are my replacement options?

Dr. Schweifler offers many options for replacing teeth. The type of restoration you will need depends on many factors such as how many teeth you are missing, where they are located in your mouth, and the current state of your oral health. If you qualify, Dr. Schweifler will recommend dental implants because they are the best solution available for missing teeth.

I have not visited the dentist in a long time. Where do I start?

You should start by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Schweifler. Here, he will thoroughly evaluate your entire mouth. Next, he will devise a plan to get your oral health back on track. Dr. Schweifler will treat all your underlying issues and repair any damage to your teeth. This process may seem overwhelming but our helpful staff will guide you through the entire process. Contact our office at (650) 489-4620 or request an appointment online.