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The dentist office of Dr. Ken Schweifler is your local dental home in Los Altos, CA. We offer general, cosmetic, and restorative dental services for the lifelong care of a healthy, vibrant smile. Dr. Schweifler is native to the Los Altos area and is proud to be a 3rd generation dentist serving our local community and many surrounding towns. Dr. Schweifler emphasizes the importance of maintaining your oral health for the enjoyment of your best quality of life. A healthy smile will support good physical health and well-being.

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Health Centered Dentistry: Our Approach

Health Centered Dentistry allows Dr. Schweifler to take a more comprehensive approach to your dental care when you visit with him. Our Los Altos dentist office welcomes children and adults and we provide age-appropriate dentistry and oral hygiene advice. It is our goal to support the health, comfort, and beauty of your smile with personalized dental care.

We believe that every human being has unique needs and desires for their dental future. In my experience, I have found that most people share similar dental goals. Generally, they want to avoid dental problems, avoid the need for treatment, and avoid the loss of teeth. They want to eat comfortably and have a pleasing smile. Unfortunately, the traditional dental model has as its emphasis, the treatment of disease, with little focus on educating patients on causes of disease and preventive solutions.

We think and act differently. Whether your current dental risks are low or high, our goal is to take the necessary time with you, to truly understand what your needs and desires for dentistry are, and to empower you with the education that will greatly reduce your dental risk over the course of your life. As health coaches, it is our mission to help you maximize your own health potential, period.

Biorejuvenative dentistry: supporting your natural smile

Biorejuvenative dentistry is an underlying principle of the dental care we offer in our Los Altos family dental practice. Dr. Schweifler strives to maintain the natural structure of your oral system with dentistry that is designed to address underlying problems that may be causing discomfort, bite problems, and even cosmetic concerns.

Join Our Dental Family

The Los Altos dental office of Dr. Schweifler welcomes new patients and offers the convenience of family oral health and hygiene care under one roof. If you would like to know what our current patients have had to say about us, please view our testimonials. We are currently accepting patients in and around the Los Altos, Santa Clara County area.  Contact our office at (650) 489-4620 to schedule a dental appointment or request one online. We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve and maintain optimal dental health and wellness.