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Dr. Ken Schweifler and his dental team provide high quality dental care to patients of all ages. At every visit, they give patients the personalized dental care they deserve. Dr. Schweifler is an expert dentist offering general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry services. He is currently welcoming new patients from Sunnyvale, CA.

General Dentistry Services for Patients from Sunnyvale, CA

Dr. Schweifler offers comprehensive general dentistry to help patients maintain healthy smiles. Each patient will have their own personalized dental treatment plan to address individual oral health needs. Dr. Schweifler recommends scheduling dentist appointments every six months for preventive dental care. This is a vital part of achieving a healthy, beautiful smile in addition to proper at-home oral hygiene.

Why is routine dental care important?

Routine visits to our dentist office will help prevent dental issues from developing. If an issue does arise, treating it in the beginning stages is optimal because the treatment will be less invasive. Left untreated, minor dental concerns can lead to further damage, bone deterioration and even tooth loss. A simple teeth cleaning and exam twice a year can help you avoid major problems that will be costly and time consuming to fix.

Family Dental Practice

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As a family dentist office, Dr. Schweifler treats patients of all ages. We can treat your entire family in one convenient office location saving you the hassle of driving to multiple offices. Our friendly office staff will work with you and your schedule to make sure we can see everyone in your family in one trip to our Sunnyvale, CA area dentist office. Children should be brought in for their first appointment when their primary teeth begin to erupt or by their first birthday. Early dentist appointments will help your children establish healthy oral hygiene habits and intervene if any major dental issues are found.

Senior Dental Care

Dr. Schweifler wants to help patients at every stage of life. Older adults need particularly more dental care due to years of wear on their teeth. He understands their unique risks and offers preventive dental care to help reduce these risks. Dr. Schweifler has a lot of experienced diagnosing and treating the conditions often seen in older patients. Common dental problems we see are root decay and periodontal disease.

Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Schweifler is also an experienced cosmetic and restorative dentist. When evaluating a smile, he will take a comprehensive approach to identify any underlying dental problems a patient may have. Treating any underlying issues will ensure the longevity of any dental work. Uneven, misshapen, crooked or discolored teeth can be corrected with a customized smile makeover plan using cosmetic dentistry. For patients with any tooth damage or missing teeth, Dr. Schweifler offers many treatment options including dental implants to restore their smile.

Welcoming New Patients

Dr. Schweifler and his Los Altos dental team are currently welcoming patients from Sunnyvale, CA to schedule their first dentist appointment. To schedule an appointment, contact our office at (650) 489-4620 or you can request an appointment online.