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Why Visit a Family Dentist?

When you think of a family dentist, you likely imagine a dentist’s office that can cater to children and their guardians. This can prove convenient for busy families, but individual patients can benefit from this type of dental practice too.

A family dentist employs a comprehensive, patient-centric approach to dental services that can help patients of all ages. You can see this for yourself when you call your dentist in Los Altos, CA today. Read on to learn three reasons why you can find exemplary dental care at a family dentistry practice.

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3 Benefits of Family Dentistry Services

We Prioritize Patient Comfort

Young patients may feel nervous and unsettled in the dentist’s chair. So the staff at a family dental practice undergoes training that allows them to make kids feel more at ease when they receive dental care.

But dental fear is not exclusive to children. Many adults feel anxiety about dental work, which can lead to avoiding necessary preventative care that may put them at a higher risk of dental emergencies. Family dentists apply this prioritization and expertise in patient comfort to their adult patients as well.

You can discuss any fears you may have about your dental care with your dentist, and they can maintain open communication with you about your treatment to ensure you feel relaxed at their office. Call your dentist to learn about safety measures, calming techniques, and more services that they employ at their office.

We Seek Long-Term Patient Relationships

A family dental practice has the advantage of treating patients in their childhood and then continuing to offer high-quality care when they become adults. Seeing the same dentist for your oral health care allows the dentist to get to know you and your smile. Then they can more easily spot changes in your dental health and offer treatment accordingly.

They can also monitor potential problem areas and intervene before a dental emergency occurs. For instance, routine dental x-rays can show the progress of wisdom teeth growth and whether or not they will hurt your smile as they start to grow into place.

This also helps if you want to pursue cosmetic dental treatment. The dentist will know your medical history and existing dental structure and determine a treatment plan that will give you the best results and the smile of your dreams.

We Stay Prepared for Any Dental Needs

Children can be unpredictable, and a family dentist’s office is very familiar with this. They will stay prepared for any dental situation that a young patient may encounter. Whether they suffer a dental injury or require a routine teeth cleaning, a family dentist can offer optimal services.

This extends to their adult patients too. You can trust that a family dentist will have the expertise and equipment on hand to assist you with any of your dental needs. Senior dental patients, for instance, often require specific oral health care, and a family dentist can provide this. Learn more about what your dentist can do for you by scheduling a consultation today.