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Taking On a Dental Emergency

Even though we take great care of our teeth, a dental emergency can still happen to anyone. Dr. Ken Schweifler, a dentist in Los Altos, CA, explains common dental emergencies and what to do if they happen to you.emergency dentist in los altos, california

What is a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is any dental problem that needs to be taken care of immediately. If something happens and you need to be seen ASAP, call our office. Below is a list of common dental emergencies and what you can do to help until you’re able to be seen in the office.

Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is never something that should just be shrugged off, especially if it’s pain that’s sharp or comes on suddenly. Pain in the tooth can be caused by a variety of things, and it can be hard to tell until an expert is able to take a look at it. Take over the counter pain medication until you’re able to be seen in the office. Use a cold compress if you have any issues with swelling.

Knocked-Out Tooth

It’s understandable that you want to panic if an adult tooth is knocked out. But try to remain calm and retrieve the tooth. Be sure to pick it up by the crown and avoid touching the root. Gently rinse off any dirt and debris without scrubbing. Place the tooth into a glass full of milk or your own saliva to preserve it until you can get into our office.

When you get into our office, we’ll examine the tooth and determine if it’s viable to put it back in your mouth. If it isn’t, there’s no need to worry. We offer a number of options to replace missing teeth. In particular, we recommend dental implants. They’re the most natural-looking and feeling of replacement options.

Broken Dental Restoration

What you should do for a broken dental restoration depends on the restoration. If something like a dental bridge or denture is broken, try to retrieve the pieces. We’ll take a look at it and see if it’s able to be repaired or if it should be replaced. If it should be replaced, impressions will be taken to get a replacement made as soon as possible.

If a dental crown is broken, retrieve the pieces if possible. Never try to put the crown back together or to put it back in your mouth. While dental crowns can’t be replaced, we can custom-make one that fits your mouth perfectly.

Emergency Dentistry at Your Los Altos, California Dentist

If you have a dental emergency, call us immediately. For any other dental issues, call us or schedule an appointment online.