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We Are Open! A Letter To Our Patients

Dear Valued Patients:

I hope you had an enjoyable holiday, while I would assume your typical plans were altered due to the current COVID climate.  My wife and I agreed that our meal preparation was amongst the best ever.  We couldn’t help but wish we could have shared it with more of our family.  Oh well, next year.

As you likely know, there has been a surge in COVID cases both locally and nationally over the past few days.  While I understand the concern, I want to stress that we are still open to what’s currently considered essential healthcare.  We will continue to offer preventive dental services to our patients because we believe it’s important and because we feel confident that our delivery is done safely, with COVID screenings, single patient flow, and the myriad of other processes that we’ve implemented.  We feel that by intentionally maintaining a smaller volume of patients, we are at a unique advantage to comply with safety standards not possible in a more typical, higher volume practice.

For those of you who are overdue and not scheduled with our office, I encourage you to do so.  Prevention is always more favorable than Rehabilitation.  With oral neglect comes not only risks to your dentition, but to your systemic health and a compromised immune system.  Please know that my personal message to you is one of support and commitment to help you maintain an uneventful dental future.

These are unprecedented times and everyone has a different perspective on how to manage their own risks.  Please feel free to reach out to me to express your concerns about returning to our office and how we can best support you.  I would be happy to discuss even additional accommodations we can offer you.  We want to thank you for your continued trust during this very challenging time.

Stay safe,
Ken Schweifler