Dr Schweifler’s Minimally Invasive, Tooth-Conserving Dentistry In Los Altos


Traditional dentistry is much like traditional medicine, responding to the presence of disease and treating it with much less emphasis on preventing the disease from occurring. One thing is true when interviewing my new patients: NOBODY IS SEEKING MORE DENTISTRY. People want to maintain what they have and avoid the perpetual need for more treatment.

In addition to spending a great deal of our time educating patients on preventive strategies, we are committed to offering treatments that are far less invasive and more tooth conserving than conventional techniques. Here are some examples:

Onlays instead of dental crowns

With advances in bonding protocols, we’re able to place onlays on teeth that used to be limited to crown treatment. Onlays are placed over the biting surface of highly compromised teeth (i.e., large fillings, fractures) to protect them from breaking just as crowns are, but provide all the functional advantage of a crown with about ½ the amount of tooth reduction. Less tooth reduction amounts to less risk for root canal treatment and tooth loss.

Air abrasion

With the use of microabrasion (micro “sandblaster”) we have dramatically increased the bond strength of our tooth-colored composite fillings and our onlays and crowns. Higher bond strengths mean less leakage, recurrent decay and failure of restorations. In some cases, we’re able to use this minimally invasive technology to remove cavities without anesthesia and it has made placing preventive sealants on kids incredibly easy and successful.

Improved Technology for Dentists – Digital Radiography

With improved technology in digital imaging, not only are we able to reduce radiation exposure to ½ of what it used to be, we are able to detect dental disease earlier. Whether it’s detecting decay on tooth structure or recurrent decay under a filling or onlay/crown, earlier discovery of these issues always leads to more conservative treatment options.

Of course, the best strategy to ensure you minimize the need for dental treatment over the course of your life is to commit to routine exams and hygiene appointments to maintain dental health, receive preventive education and to detect problems in their infancy. It’s always better to Preserve and Protect than it is to Rehabilitate.

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