Child Dental Prevention – 1st Visit by Age 1


The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends a first visit to the dental office by age 1. I know that seems too early for a lot of folks. There are several benefits to such an early visit:

1) Educating parents on healthy preventive strategies for their child;
2) Catching any dental problems in their infancy before they escalate;
3) Getting the child familiar with the dental office as a positive, nontraumatic environment.

Dental disease is very preventable and doesn’t cause symptoms until it’s very advanced stages. Don’t assume that because your child has no dental complaints or you don’t see any problems that they’re healthy. Get them on a routine of uneventful maintenance with a dentist. The best way to create a dental phobe is to wait too long and have your child’s first interaction with a dentist be one of treating an advanced dental emergency.