Dental Crowns

Ideally, when a tooth is damaged, missing, or worn, a dentist will recommend a dental crown. However, under the care of a holistic, health-centered dentist, patients can receive dental crowns that offer a range of health benefits well beyond just the aesthetic benefits.

Traditionally, dental crowns serve many cosmetic and restorative purposes. They can be used to restore strength, health, and beauty to a damaged or severely decayed tooth. In addition to improving the health and function of a tooth, a crown is placed over the affected tooth and is designed to fully cover the part of the tooth that is visible from above the gum line.

Mercury-Free Dentistry

Many older patients may have mercury or amalgams fillings in their mouth. Traditionally, this type of material was used for many dental treatments, including dental crowns and dental fillings. However, with advancements in modern dentistry, many dentists are removing mercury amalgams from patient’s teeth and replacing it with a safer material. Dentists are adopting a mercury-free dentistry initiative because studies have suggested that mercury from the metal used in filings can seep into the bloodstream, which may be toxic to the body.

In many cases, a holistic dentist will use composite resin instead of amalgams, nickel, or other metals on the teeth. Not only is metal free dentistry ideal for many patients, but it also offers many long term health and dental benefits.

Benefits of Metal Free Crowns

Metal-free dental crowns offer many benefits to patients with damaged teeth. If you are in need of a dental crown in the Los Altos, CA, area, you may want to consider these key benefits:

  • Long lasting solution: Composite dental crowns can last many years with proper maintenance and care.
  • Cost: Generally, composite dental crowns cost less than traditional dental crowns.
  • Natural-looking results: Composite crowns can be color matched and designed to blend seamlessly with your existing teeth.
  • Reduce tooth sensitivity: Patients have a lower risk of experience sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages.

Dental Crowns in Los Altos, CA

If you are experiencing missing or damaged teeth, a metal-free dental crown can be a great way to restore health and beauty to your natural teeth. Crowns can help prevent further damage to your teeth and allow you to chew properly.

At our Los Altos, CA dentist office Dr. Ken Schweifler places metal free dental crowns for patients with damaged, broken, or decayed teeth. He works with you to design a crown that not only fits your cosmetic needs but your oral health needs as well. To design a dental crown, we will take digital impressions of your teeth and send them to a dental lab for fabrication. Once your crown is received, Dr. Schweifler will place your crown and make any adjustments during your final appointment.

At our Los Altos dentist office, we have adopted a patient first approach to dentistry. We work with you and an individual basis to deliver high quality, health-centered dentistry to suit your dentistry needs. Our team works closely with our patients to educate them on the best practice in dentistry in hopes that it gives them the knowledge and tools they need to maintain a healthier smile. If you would like to learn more about metal free dental crowns in Los Altos, CA, visit our office for a consultation.